Campaign Priorities

Support for Working Families in Richmond

Creating Jobs: Technical jobs continue to be on the rise and we have an opportunity to build up a workforce that is ready and unionized to build tomorrow’s communities! I support investment in our infrastructure because that is an investment in local jobs. I will continue to support and call for the expansion of funding to programs like RichmondBuild, that provide community members with jobs that pay much above the average wages, and often lead to entrepreneurship & ownership opportunities. We must continue to advocate for the expansion of Richmond’s minimum wage to a livable wage.

Supporting Small Local Business & Entrepreneurial Success: I am working to support the revitalization of our commercial corridors working closely with 23rd street and Richmond Main Street to make shopping and visiting safe and enjoyable for families. I am invested in bolstering local entrepreneurship of our Black, Brown & low-income residents, including incentivizing alternative business models like cooperatives and collectives. We have so much to offer as a city with 32 miles of shoreline, multicultural cuisine and several commercial regions like San Pablo, Mainstreet, Calle 23, Hilltop, Pt Richmond and Macdonald Ave!

Building a Vibrant Future for Richmond Residents

Investing in Community Art & Artists: Art supports community healing and is a source of community pride! I am committed to ensuring that new developments incorporate Richmond’s rich history & culture and I will advocate for more than the 1% designated for public art. I am also committed to developing housing for local artisans.

Building Affordable Housing & Fighting Displacement: I will continue supporting the full implementation of Measure L and the Richmond Rent Board to serve our residents. I will fight so long-time residents can stay in their homes by any means possible as a council person. I am also an advocate to solve Richmond’s challenges to build affordable housing, including advocating for the use of Richmond’s specific area median income. Recently, I introduced a study and action session to get started on building affordable housing. You can count on me to call for the development of a comprehensive plan of action to build more affordable housing, that includes outreach to developers to share the opportunities and advantages of development in Richmond. I will also advocate for Richmond’s share of state and county funding to fund our plan.

Developing More Opportunities for Youth: When we invest in our youth we invest in our collective future and well-being! Youth need a safe environment to learn and grow which is why I am a proud endorser of Kids First Richmond (Measures E & K) and an accompanying distribution tax on sugary beverages to fund it. If elected I will make sure the oversight committee reflects the diversity of our community and that the funds are spent in the way that will create the most impact for our Kids!

A Safe & Healthy Richmond Community

Improving Community Policing & Advocating for our Immigrant Communities: We have an opportunity to spur innovation and take our community policing model to the next level. As I have done with youth before, I will work closely with our community activists, Police Chief and City Attorney to create policies that will reflect the needs of our community and make us all feel safe, welcome and taken care of. I will create local policies that create more transparency and accountability for the public, like a ordinance that I recently co-sponsored calling on a review of police contracts with businesses that cooperate with ICE. I will also advocate at the county level for increased investment in re-entry programs, keeping youth of our the criminal justice system, as well as the expansion of Contra Costa Cares and Stand Together Coco.

Protecting Our Environment & Health: I will continue to enforce regulations of businesses that pollute or cause environmental damage in Richmond, fight for higher standards, and when possible use all legal actions available. I am a proud supporter of No Coal in Richmond and am currently working to pull the appropriate documentation and have the business utilize best practices in transit and storage, as well as call for a reduction in the amount of coal brought to and through Richmond.