Uniting The Voices Of Richmond

My name is Ada Recinos, and I am Salvadoreña. My parents immigrated to California in the 80s seeking asylum due to the Salvadoran Civil War. I grew up watching my parents juggle multiple low-wage jobs and struggle to afford stable housing. They never took sick days and sometimes took on debt to make ends meet. Like many immigrants, my parents sacrificed everything so that I could have a better future. Unfortunately, making ends meet has become more difficult for immigrant families and this current presidential administration continues to attack and marginalize us. My generation has seen their families lose their homes and jobs during the recession, wages stagnate as the cost of living continues to rise, and are struggling under crushing student debt.

We have to change the course so that we no longer have working families living in poverty, so that our children have real opportunities to succeed, and so that our elderly can retire with dignity and have access to healthcare. Because of my experiences, after I graduated from The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), I focused my work on organizing immigrants, renters, and mothers to advocate for their rights and progressive legislation. I have over 6 years of professional experience connecting working families to stable housing and greater economic opportunities.

I was appointed to the Richmond City Council in 2017. Before my appointment, I served on the city’s Human Rights and Human Relations Commission, as Vice Chair and then Interim Chair, for nearly 2 years. It would be my honor to continue serving as a Richmond City Council member. I am running for City Council because our city is becoming less and less affordable. I have watched economic opportunity for people of color diminish in California. I am stepping up to pass progressive local policies that put the needs of working people first. I am currently the only Latina running for City Council with the experience, the endorsements and the cultural knowledge to support our growing Latinx community to move forward.